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Some of our valued Clients

Welcome aboard! 

You have just embarked on a creative journey that has the power to lift your production literally to new heights.  Operating some of the most technologically advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicle's, your highly experienced CinemAerial film/flight crew is capable of precision low altitude cinema & Photography capturing compelling visuals once only imagined in the mind.  Leveraging more than 70 years of combined film making and 45 years of radio controlled flight, your crew is among the most highly experienced and capable in the industry.

Stemming from his early childhood years where he would spend hours with Lego's developing stories and watching 8mm films, to his years as a performing actor in high school and college, Victor developed an insatiable appetite for story telling and directing.   Armed with a formal education in music and the video / film business from Art Institute of Philadelphia, Victor set out to make an impact on the world while leveraging the synergies of his many creative talents. Today Victor is an accomplished music composer and  professional Director of Photography with many accolades and awards including numerous Emmy's for his television work.  Additionally, Victor is highly regarded and respected in the community as a director and talented graphic artist.  As CinemAerial's primary camera operator, Victor brings a vast understanding of not only shot composition but the importance of great lighting, proper framing and smooth camera movement to the crew.  Victor and Scott both have the honor of collaborating on a film that was chosen to screen at the Canne's film festival in 2012.

Scott started flying radio controlled aircraft over 40 years ago and today enjoys both flying and building some of the most sophisticated aerial platforms powered by electric and jet engines.  Scott graduated from Southern Illinois University with a B.S. degree in computer science and flight operations.  After several years of flight instructing, Scott joined the airline pilot cadre and is currently an instructor pilot / Captain for a major airline with more than 20,000 actual flight hours.  Almost 15 years ago, he started a video production company with his wife Stephanie.  Scott is a talented Director of Photography with many awards and accolades as a Producer / Director.  As CinemAerial's primary pilot, Scott's knowledge and understanding of the various aspects of flight, radio control technology, cinema and story telling all form the synergy's that make him an invaluable on-set resource as your production takes flight.  Scott is a nationally recognized subject matter expert on small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS aka drones) and is a frequent speaker at many industry events.  Scott is an instructor with the Unmanned Vehicle University and hosts several  workshops throughout the year educating new "drone" pilots.

Victor nash

DP / Director/ Graphic Artist / Editor / Pilot

Scott Strimple

Pilot / dP / producer/ editor
 Educator / Speaker