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Scott Strimple is a director and Emmy award winning filmmaker who is most recently known for his diverse expertise and effective style of teaching within the aerial photography and filmmaking arena.  He is a Captain and check airman for a major airline with over 30000 hours of flight time and more than 45 years of drone flight experience.  Scott is a small unmanned aircraft subject matter expert who has been appointed by the Governor of VA to the Virginia Unmanned Vehicle Commission, he is the founder of The Drone Flight School, and hosts Remote Pilot Certification training and aerial cinema / photography workshops introducing visual artists to the operational needs of “drone” photography and video.  Scott serves as a Virginia Aviation Business Association Board member and is the Chairman of the VABA Unmanned Aircraft Chapter and participates as an Advisory Board Member for the Virginia Center for Innovative Technology.  He is a frequent speaker and presenter at many industry symposiums and workshops and contributes to industry publications as a subject matter expert.  Strimple has been engaged in the process of defining the ASTM unmanned aircraft pilot training standards that will influence the framework for regulation both domestically and internationally.   Scott graduated from Southern Illinois University with a B.S. degree in computer science and flight operations.  

"There is no short cut to coolness"

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Scott Strimple

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You have just embarked on a creative journey that has the power to lift your production literally to new heights.  Operating some of the most technologically advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicle's, your highly experienced CinemAerial film/flight crew is capable of precision low altitude cinema & Photography capturing compelling visuals once only imagined in the mind.  Leveraging more than 70 years of combined film making and 45 years of radio controlled flight, your crew is among the most highly experienced and capable in the industry.