Learn from our expert crew with years of experience in radio controlled flight and Photography / Cinematography.  Covering a variety of topics from beginner to expert level, we will teach you what you need to know to be successful in the world of Aerial Photography and Cinema.

The reality of cinema culminates in a collaboration of creative professionals.  CinemAerial leverages these creative synergies from award winning producer/directors to provide a freedom in film making that literally elevates production values to new heights.   CinemAerial's low altitude flying cameras are now able to offer your production a visual perspective previously unobtainable without major motion picture budgets.  


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The ability to handle both the technical and strategic aspects of aerial cinema and photography comes from years and years of experience.  Hiring the right crew with that experience can prove challenging.  Based in Virginia, CinemAerial Visuals is ready to travel the world for you!

Specialists in low altitude cinema & Photography

As the saying goes ...

"Takeoffs are optional but landings are not"  

and thus at CinemAerial we operate a variety of aircraft from only the most trusted names in the industry.  This enables us to reliably meet the demands and expectations of our valued clientele.

"There is no short cut to coolness"